Our Story

Here at US Antler, we understand the special place your dog has in your heart, as we are dog owners and lovers ourselves. Every day we strive to deliver a superior product that is 100% naturally and ethically sourced here in the United States.

We control every step of the process, from the farm raising of our elk to the bottling of our finished product, all to ensure that we meet the highest standards of purity and quality for your dog. Our raw material is taken from elk velvet antler because elk are the healthiest cervidae species and have the highest concentration of growth factors in their antlers. We maintain our elk at optimum levels of health, ensuring the highest quality formulas for our customers.

The harvesting process does not harm the animal, and the closest equivalent would be that of humans clipping their fingernails. We make sure to treat our elk with the most respect and decency, and care for them as much as we care for our dogs and other pets. It is important to us that our supplements are made with integrity, so we oversee the entire process from start to finish.

At US Antler headquarters in Tampa, FL, elk antler products are not merely a part of what we do, but rather the very center of our focus. As dog lovers (and animal lovers in general) we want to provide pet owners just like you with an easy, convenient way to boost the health and nutrition of our furry friends.

Why choose US Antler’s elk antler supplement for your dog? Because IT WORKS!