At US Antler, we love our furry friends and want dogs of all ages to experience the benefits of elk antler velvet supplements. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the desire to give your pup what they need at every stage of life. Whether it’s pain relief for a senior with arthritis or promoting healthy bone growth in a puppy, we are here to help your canine companion receive the vitamins, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, and minerals they need.

elk antler velvet

Benefits of Elk Antler Velvet

By giving Spot a daily supplement that is 100% natural, you advocate his well-being and health. Most foods do not include all of the nutrients they could be benefiting from. Our elk antler velvet supplement supports:

  • Bone strength
  • Joint health
  • Energy levels & mobility
  • Healthy coat & skin
  • Immune function
  • Weight maintenance
  • Overall vitality

Canines of all ages can benefit from our product. Spooning  1/4 of a teaspoon of our elk antler velvet supplement into one of Coco’s meals is an easy way to amp up the amount of amino acids, minerals, glycosaminoglycans, and vitamins she receives. Research reveals that this method promotes optimal absorption versus ingestion of a tablet or capsule.

Elk Antler Velvet for Joint Pain

Is Peanut slow to rise after taking a snooze? Have you noticed that he avoids climbing stairs or jumping up onto the couch into your lap? Some signs your dog may be experiencing joint pain include:

  • Difficulty moving
  • Abnormal posture
  • Limping or favoring a particular limb
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Irritability when touched
  • Atrophied muscles
  • Biting, licking or chewing a specific area

If your pooch suffers from any of these conditions, visit your veterinarian to identify a treatment plan. Ask them if they are a candidate for US Antler supplements.

Why Elk Antler Velvet?

Each spring, male elk shed their horns and immediately start growing a new set. During this cartilaginous stage, the antlers are chock full of helpful, natural elk antler velvet. What better way to fight your dog’s joint pain than with natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate instead of with synthetic ones? Not only can our product relieve pain for arthritis sufferers, but it can assist with joint and tissue repair.

Not All Supplements Are the Same

Be wary of and avoid inexpensive items of the same name from other countries, such as China. The low price is usually reflective of a lower quality product. Whether their supplement contains unnecessary fillers or the elk they raise aren’t treated humanely, you won’t get the best value by making this choice. Our product is ethically sourced in the United States from the farm to the final product you purchase. With us, you can count on quality.

elk antler velvet

US Antler

Experts on our team have designed a supplement that contains elk antler velvet with extract of liver to easily introduce vital nutrients into your pet’s diet. We are proud to provide our tail-wagging sidekicks a first-rate health supplement. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your dog obtain optimal health, contact us today!