Velvet Elk Antler Supplements for Dogs

If you are looking for a completely natural way to keep your dog happy and healthy, look no further than US Antler’s velvet elk antler supplements for dogs. For more than 2,000 years, Eastern medicine has embraced the numerous benefits of this raw super food in human medicinal treatments. At US Antler, we have adopted that same powerful natural substance to create nutritional additives for your pet to benefit from. Our chemical-free products combine high-quality elk extract with liver extract to provide your furry friend with the important nutrients he needs.

Understanding Velvet Elk Antler Extract

Although many supplements are extracted from deer, we use raw material that is directly extracted from elk growths not only because they are the healthiest of the Cervidae species, but also because they have the highest concentration of growth factors and nutritional compounds in their antlers.

Because elk stags can grow antlers at a rate of approximately 1 inch per day, with peaks growth potential during mating season, they can be harvested painlessly and without inducing any stress to the animals. Instead of letting nature take its course and allowing these growths to shed on their own, professionals at our privately-owned farm clip them in order to extract nutrients for our products. We make sure out elk are raised and cared for properly both for their safety and well-being and to make sure the highest quality formulas are produced for our customers.

All-natural velvet elk antler supplements for dogs contain numerous potent nutrients without the unwanted side effects many pharmaceuticals and synthetic substances carry with them. Some of those nutrients include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and glycosaminoglycans, which are often lacking in your pup’s food.

Benefits of Velvet Elk Antler Supplements for Dogs

Our nutrient-dense products can give your pet what he or she needs to stay strong, active, and healthy no matter what age by improving joint mobility, energy levels, immune function, bone strength, skin and coat, weight maintenance, and vitality.

Because velvet elk antler supplements for dogs are all natural, they are completely free of side effects, so your pet can consume our products daily in conjunction with any prescription medications he or she may be on without any risk. Just one quarter of a teaspoon for canines less than 75 pounds or one half of a teaspoon for those more than 75 pounds added to his or her food every day will noticeably improve your pet’s health—and fast!

The US Antler Approach to Healthy Hounds

Velvet Elk Antler Supplements for Dogs

As proud dog owners and lovers, at US Antler, we understand the special place your pet has in your heart and in the hearts of your family members. This is why we’ve worked hard to make the best velvet elk antler supplements for dogs in the pet nutrition market.

We strive to deliver a superior product that is completely natural and ethically derived from healthy elk stags on our privately owned farm here in the United States. In fact, we care so much about animal welfare and well-being that we monitor and control every step of the process from farm-raising our own elk to humanely extracting the substance.

In order to make sure customers are getting the highest quality velvet elk antler supplements for dogs, we oversee the entire bottling process. Because we’re so particular about how our products are made, we guarantee your pets are consuming the purest, highest-quality nutritional additives possible.

If you are looking for the best velvet elk antler supplements for dogs, look no further than US Antler. We’ve got what you need to keep your pet happy and healthy for a long time. Contact us today to learn more or to get in touch with a representative.